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well, actually I came into the world Neckid, yup all Neck hardly kid at all!! Mom still swears Daddy fooled around on her, and I'm not her's?? I asked Dad about this! Concerned I may resemble the milkman or something.... "Got Milk?". He only laughed???? Hmmmmmm, I know my brother was there tho cause he told me the tale of the nite I was born and the Doctor came out and said to my Dad, "Sir, I don't know what you had, but can ya take the hairy thing off the chandalier!!". Ya know, I can never recall a time my brother was not picking on us girls tho??? I remember when we were teens and my sister was looking for a job. He told her he knew where she could find one. She got so excited that our big brother was actually gonna help her. So she asked him. Where? He replied, "Well ya know that new Bridge their Building?", and she replied, "Yes?". He answered,"Well, They need a Troll....??". Yup, it's all my brothers fault!! The Nuts Fell Hard from the Tree and only multiplied! Giggles~
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