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~Here Dwell The Fairies~

I have another to share with you all!! *Grin*

Here Dwell The Fairies
? by Lisa Renee'

With whispers so tiny
and magic so gold
here dwell the fairies
for reasons untold.

In glistening white gowns
and black velvet capes
hiding in gentries and
closets and drapes.

Under the stairwell
with glowing green eyes
they come from the middleland
and under the night.

Sent by sorcerers
to cast upon spells
scuffling along rooftops
dancing on wells.

They are the goblins
of an enchanted world
with mischievous smiles
and hair tightly curled.

Their ruler Athalais
a wizard of sorts
a maker of dreams
builder of forts.

Look into his crystal
or listen you may hear
the flash and chimes
of stardust in air.

Whistling and flying
wreckless in spirit
they plunge thru the villiage
like a horse and chariot.

Here dwell the fairies
for reasons untold
with whispers so tiny
and magic so gold.

"How far that little candle throws his beam. So shines a good deed in a naughty world." ~~ William Shakespeare: Merchants of Venice
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