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/me pulls just one of the many clear storage containers to the computer and begins to empty it:

- one small paper trimmer
- one package of acid free 50 sheets
assorted colored card stock
- three packages of safety pins
(various sizes)
- one clear acrylic magnifying rod
- one unopened 3 pack of all purpose
- one X-acto knife set (unopened)
well...I NEEDED them!
- one glass window lady bug ornament
Well dang! lol So that's where it went
- oh look! Another pair of scissors
( they're smaller though than those ^)
- one spool of clear stretch bead cord
- one package of compressed sponges
- one, ummm, hmmm, rollie thingie... a
brayer? :::shrugs:::: I needed it for
squishing the air bubble out of
decoupage (I don't think I've used
this yet)
- one teeny tiny pair of scissors...for
clipping threads! (ya just can't use big old all purpose scissors for
that, now, can you?)

/me piles everything back. <sigh>
Am I a super spammer yet?
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