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Can I call myself a writer yet? Should I?

I've been published several places now. The very first was Tapestry That really boosted my motivation.

My tip for writers would be to query any market they can get their hands on. I just sold an article to a bakery magazine. I'm not a baker. I can hardly cook! I can interview and research though.

A good formula, in my opinion, for a query is to start out with an introduction. Give a short summary of your article, why you should be the person to write it, and thank the editor. This is the editor's first impression of you so make sure you 1) address it to the right person, 2) spell everything correctly and 3) point out what is unique about your idea. It's a really great idea to read sample articles, and compare your article to those.

"Hi, my name is Bob. I'd like to write an article for SuperPhat magazine on the poor conditions in music venues around the US. It's similar to "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" (Issue 92, pg 14-16) but the focus is on musicians who are trying to improve bad conditions."

Queries should be at least 2 paragraphs but no longer than a page, and please don't use form letters. If you can't think up your own way to word a query, what is your article going to be like?

I certainly am not "professional" yet, but I've gotten good results with my queries. Now I'll let the writers with more experience tell me how I'm doing something in the wrongest way possible. :-) S'okay. As long as I'm learning more about writing, it's a positive experience.
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