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There were big stone lions flanking either side of the steps to the YWCA; we used to climb up on them and sit there until someone would tell us to get down before we hurt ourselves. Not a whole lot to do when you're ten years old on a Saturday except hang out at the Y. We'd swim, then make little ash trays in the arts and crafts room with those tiny glass tiles you stick into the cement, pretty unimaginative, now that I think of it. I enjoyed sitting on the lions out front a lot more, watching people walk by.
<br>After we were chased down from our perches, we'd go into the five and dime and spend all of our coins on candy. If only our parents knew how much candy we consumed on Saturdays, they'd never let us out of the house. My friend, I forget her name now, liked the hard core stuff...giant sweet tarts, and those two foot long, plastic tubes full of colored sugar...sour and caustic, you could feel the enamel leaving your teeth.
<br>I can't remember what I liked best, sometimes I'd get chocolate bars, the crunchy kind that tasted like it had rice crispies in it. Other times I'd buy a few cherry Charms pops, and some Double Bubble gum with any leftover pennies.
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