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There was time in all of our lives, the biggest treat for most, was picking out penny candy! How we loved to just stand there, looking, taking our time. Eyes wide open, mouth watering. Time never mattered to us, we needed to find the longest lasting piece of candy, for a penny! The ladies that worked at our corner store, made sure to tell us they did not have all day, and to hurry they had others to wait on.

Our hands and faces placed on the glass of the counter, bringing us closer to the candy that laid inside. Just to be yelled at by the ladies behind the counter, get your hands and faces off the glass. We have enough to do all day, without cleaning up after you! That is your mother's job, not ours. We looked at each other, mom was mentioned! How long have we been standing there? Now, we will be in trouble with mom for being late.

Our need for the penny candy was greater then the fear of the voices from the ladies behind the counter, or the fear of mom. You see, we had a solution worked out for mom. We where allow to spend ten cents for candy out of the change left. A nickel each. We decided to spend four cents each and two cents for mom! We told the ladies what we wanted, the joy in their faces showing, we soon would be leaving. They placed our penny candies in little brown bags, handing each one their own. Giving us back our two cents in change, a penny each. Their eyes now rolling. Arms being thrown up in the air, when we told them, WAIT! We have two cents left. We want to find mom some penny candy too! Hour later, we where headed home.

When we talked about the memories of the penny candy counter, a smile comes to our mom's face, her eyes twinkle. Yet she says nothing, as we are talking. We looked at each other, only to realize it was not the just the candy we brought home for her. No wonder the ladies at the store where always yelling at us. We figured it out by being parents ourselves. It was the time spent at the store, mom had time to herself.

This was more then forty years ago. No longer are the ladies of the store with us nor is the penny candy.
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