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i know, i know, i already did this, but . . .

Christyrose and Terri--great job!

<u>Secret Candy</u>

Afternoons when she is at work, I stand in her room and feel how the air moves slow and hot through her open window. My mother says that she is fat, that I need to do something--scold her, force her onto a diet. But now, in this heat and jumble of her belongings, I slide open a desk drawer and see the crumpled wrappers of Snickers bars, empty bags of Kisses, their wadded silver foil like a sprinkle of stars. And I think that what I need to do is something I can't do, that I cannot love this daughter more than I already do. That it's not my love she craves as she hungers for sweetness and cream. Sadness is chocolate, the chocolately smear on her pillowcase, dead fathers, unkindnesses, the daily shunning and loneliness. I slide the drawer closed.
We must travel in the direction of our fear. --John Berryman
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