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Well, a dear friend of mine who is gay and proud of it says " Behind every successful woman is a gay man!" I just thought I would interject a bit a Michael's humor here.

I'm an RN, have been for over 25 years and I mostly work with woman managers. Some are awesome and wonderful, others are not. Some see the entire picture, others don't. I've found those who see the entire picture are the best managers.

Curiously enough, I've found, in the last 15 years, as more and more males enter the world of nursing, the dynamics has changed dramatically. Where once it seemed everyone worked together as a team, now seems to be more of a war zone. Partly I think because the men feel threatened and want to do it their way, and partly the women feel the same. There is nothing more valuable than experience, however having experience doesn't negate new ideas, new ways to do things either.
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