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<font color="blue">{{{{{{Challenge}}}}}}</font> dang, I see I didn't hide the key good enough

<font color="green">{{{{{{Scooby}}}}}}</font> look in the corner Scooby, if the cats haven't eaten it, there's a huge bone left over from New takes them a while because they think it's a toy

<font color="orange">{{{{{{Aurora}}}}}}</font> good to see you here</font>

<font color="purple">{{{{{{antiana}}}}}}</font> it's always so good to see you here!!!! and I LOVE the smiley

<font color="red">{{{{{{{{Irish}}}}}}}}</font> ROFL! Irish, if you knew how many times, as a child, I slid down the bannister and got splinters, ROFL!! thank you Irish, for the memories!!

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