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I understand completely Liam. <I>Amelie</I> is available as a 2 disc set with a lot of extras. I saw the movie in the theater when it first came out and the DVD is definitely something I need to own in order to really see it all. How's that for rationalizing yet another purchase?<g>

I saw <I>The Good Girl</I> this weekend. Wow. Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing and everything that was said about Jennifer Aniston is true. She gave an incredible performance. The movie is billed as a dark comedy but I don't know that I would bill it as anything other than very dark drama with a comedic moment here and there. If you're looking for complete escape and relaxation I would not choose this film. I thought it was wonderful, but it is a very bleak and gritty slice of life. In my opinion, of course. :-)

I'm hoping to catch <I>Lovely and Amazing</I> this week before it disappears from my favorite little theatre.

<I>Monsoon Wedding</I> is another great little film that should be available for rent soon, for anyone who missed it.
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