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Hi. When I had two small children at home, I could not keep up with the vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc., and had to just lay down any old beliefs I'd held about sanitation and what constitutes a good woman. <g>

But back then, my mom would pay me visits on Saturdays (she held a full-time job), and during those visits, she'd smoothly and quickly do all the ironing, clean my stove, mop my kitchen, and voila! --things were done. I didn't know how she did it; I was just grateful.

Now, my own daughter has two small children, a husband, a big house, and she teaches part-time. She says that she looks at the stove and hasn't the energy to clean it. I understand. So, when I pay a visit, I scrub her stove top, mop the floor, iron my s-i-l's shirts, and water the yard--all as quickly and easily as my mom once did my chores.

I think about my mom while I am doing this, understand now where she was in her life back when she was helping me out, understand the joy that comes from being helpful, wanted, needed, loved.

I look at my infant granddaughter sometimes and think about all that I want to tell her. :-)

Can you get yourself a grandma? <g>
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