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So, like, I saw "Blue Crush" today and it was like totally wicked radical. ;-)

Seriously, the story was lame, but the photography was amazing, the surf sequences were breath taking and best of all, my teenage daughter suggested we go see it together. That's worth the price of admission.

I also saw "Minority Report" this weekend. I enjoyed it very much. I hadn't liked A.I. so I was a bit hesitant but it was very good. Very entertaining and with very interesting filming. It was a good story with many different ideas and layers hidden in there. A lot to think about.

btw.. I also saw a trailer for Red Dragon. That was about all I could handle; the two minutes scared me to death. In order to watch it, I think it will have to be rented, in the daytime, while grading papers, at Lou's house!
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