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<font size=+2 font color="FF3333">WOW! Thank you - all!</font>

I'm sorry I've been MIA so long - but no sooner had my heroine trotted off to the airport than I came down with a cold so I've been licking my wounds, as it were!

Anyway, how're all of you?

(((((((Moon-ie)))))))) Well at least I've kept up with you, somewhat - is that boy home safe yet?

((((((Shopping-Gal)))))) Off on your own big trip by now, I hope that goes really well, hon.

((((((Dottie)))))) And you were asleep when I was busy talking with that small woman the other night, I think. You rest up!

(((((((antiana)))))))) Now, being me is one of the few things I excell at Take care, sweetie

(((((((Londy))))))) Hidden depths!

(((((((Scooby-Doo))))))) Where are you??? (Sorry, I'm just a big kid at heart )

(((((((Lou))))))) Goodness, you'll make me blush, hon. Thanks for being you (I stole that line ).

(((((((ching))))))) !!! How lovely to see you!!!! How are things?

<font size=+3>((*((*((MyGal))*))*))</font> I miss you.
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