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Wink To Tupi/Seaoats

((((((((Tupi and Seaoats))))))))) I just had to let you know that my heart goes out to ya'll. I know what it means to lose a beloved parent. I have been asking the Creator to watch and keep ya'll in his heart. That to give you my love on the wings of the that you may get some of the Eagle's strength during your time of need......That you will have the Creator's wisdom come to you in your time of need....Yet I hope you realize what took me three months to learn, the hard way I might add, is that your beloved parent is with the Creator and free of Life's troubles and pain...Now your beloved parent is sitting with the Creator talking about you....They are laughing about your antics and how you probably made them both want to pull out their hair at times.....:S This is all good though.....For if you look up into the night sky and listen with your heart and spirit you will hear them laughing.....May the Creator send you the blessings and love to surround ya'll during your time.....Know that you are loved and thought of daily!(from others and myself) Much love
~*~ May you walk in the Shadow of the Creator!~*~
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