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I don't think the interpretation of intuitive thinking and dreams is quite the same. Dreams generally have symbolic meaning, if you chose to believe that. Intuition, however, if a sense of something else. I have had for years a recurring dream where my sister is climbing a ladder, and it's falling across the Ohio River. I try and try to keep it from falling and I'm so frustrated because I can never stop the fall. Interpreting that dream indicates that I know my sister will always try to reach higher in her abilities to learn, but that no matter what I do I can't help her anymore. It leaves me with a sense of loss and emptiness. However, when I had a premonition that something was wrong with my son, it was based on real feelings that were not symbolic so much as intuitive. I didn't know what was wrong, only that I had to find him. My instincts were right, he was in trouble and he needed help. No symbolism there. Some people believe dream interpretation is a silly game, but I've used it to help figure out a way to deal with problems before. It worked then, so I keep using it as another tool in my madcap life.
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