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You owe me for this!
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LOL DrHilieWho....anyone who knows me knows that if I didn't have a diet dew in my hand, I musta been sick..I'm down to 2 a day and only because of the horrid migraines I've been getting because of the caffeine withdrawal. I mainly drink spring water now. I keep it at work and in the car so I'm not tempted to stop and buy the soft drinks.

antiana..the chocolate you leave in my folder is always gone before I get there, lol.

-2 more and counting...that's a total of 17 so far. The big test will be the Pasta Lady<g> We have vendors outside our office. My favorite is the one I dubbed "The Pasta Lady". And she's back for the summer! Several times a week I would have my favorites. Since I can't have pasta anymore on such a regular basis I've been avoiding her cart. Which isn't easy.

Good luck everyone!
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