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Bravo GigglesGhost and Lou!
I've set the timer, ready to take the plunge and give this a go.
I don't have a poem, but I can write about Goblin hunting...since I'm currently unable to find any more.

It's a bit intimidating, this exercise. To write, unedited, for 10 minutes, as thoughts pop into your head. It's just occured ackkkkk (SP?) to me that the topic is Goblins but I'm writing about how scarey it is to do this. After all, this is WOW, Women Online Worldwide. What I pen...or key...can be seen by all. Sigh.

There are 336 Goblins out there to be found. They hide very well. Sheesh, this sounds sooooo corny but I'm going to be brave and just keep typing.

/me checks the clock.....dang! 5 minutes and 8 seconds to go!

I've hunted high and low all over these boards. I've even clicked on Avatars thinking they were in disquise. Lou, Tam? It didn't work! lol

What a fun time I've had.....and what a frustrating time I've had. Ok. I think I'm using too many of these>...... whatever they are called.

/me looks at the clock again. Please, oh please! Let the timer go off soon. Think, anniejoan. Think. This is an excercise in creativity. It will get the creative juices flowing.

It must be very difficult to write for real! This is just play. I don't have to make sense or be cleaver or succinct or enlightening. I just have to keep typing until that flippin' flappin' timer goes off!

Maybe it's stuck! Maybe I've really been typing for 20 minutes instead of 10! I sooooo want to get up and check it, but I will be disciplined and trust that it will ring when the time is up.

Topic, anniejoan! Topic!

Ohhhhh thank goodness! Wooooohoooooo! The timer just went off!

Does anyone else feel this way while trying this exercise?
Am I a super spammer yet?
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