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Goblins, Ghosts, Witches with brooms, black cats
Large moon to set, glows bright orange
Children are awaiting till the darkness settles
Special treats are sitting by the door
Adults remembering the excitment of days before
with goblins, ghost, witches with brooms, and black cats come to the door.
Children are now dressed and ready to go out the door, parents in tow
The excitement mounts for both parent and child
Parent memories of goblins past and the child thoughts of how heavy will the bag be of treats.
Many homes will be prepared with sceens of Goblins, ghosts, witches on brooms, black cats on the window sill.
I will greet each child as frighting or as beautiful as they are, looking at the parent with a knowing smile that each one of those golbins, ghost, witches with brooms, black cats will sleep deeper then night before
Now is the time the real goblins, ghost and witches with broom, black cat come out to play, for it the night celebration of All Hallows' Eve!
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