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<center><font color="hotpink"> (X(X(X(X(X <font color="coral"> Willow </font> X)X)X)X)X) </font></center><font color="cyan"> Hi Willow Aw, t'anxx ! She got to go on her very first trick or treating ecpedition today ! She said "Trick or treat" at most of the houses, and was dressed as a little fairy princess (I'm gonna have pics soon) It was C O L D though outside !!! We lasted maybe an hour and she got ssoooooo cold even tho we were bundled up the little sweetie. She did make a nice haul LOL and other than freezing I think she had fun
I'll certainly give Cuddles the msg, she's playing on her computer right now LOL and if she doesn't have your addy I'll have to ask you next time I see you
Tartie and Fairy Princess Taylar
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