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ty (((( anniejoan )))) (((( to all ))))
Ok another 10min ...
I'm so glad I rediscovered this folder. Just to let each of you know that wander into here that you are unique. Roomies and WOWs and passerbys great to see you stopping by. This is a wonderful outlet to let things out while writing down your thoughts.
Thank you for restarting it again.
So many things have happened so far this year to so many friends that we have met in here. You may not realize it, but in some way, fashion you have touched another person. Most times in a positive way. Showing you care, you listen, you've perhaps been in those shoes before has helped someone that you only know by a nic. Isn't that fascinating that someone you have yet to meet, possible never will was able to comfort you, yell at you to get moving for help, sent you a hug because they felt you needed it. It's unfathomable to think of the people that have been reached. What a wonderful outlet. from Nana's heart to you a Hug to carry you though whatever it is you need the hug for..
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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