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A toast to you, a toast to me. WOW is absolutely WOW!!! WOWwonderful. with all of the outlets that you can go to for help, fun, information . It covers a gamet of topics, issues. There must be a gazillion folders to travel though. Do you have a question you'd like answered? Check out the folders.. Recipes ooh la la! Womens issues are there to be checked out. Perhaps a story that will help you to see that we are together. You are not alone.
A Question on sexuality or abuse the stories there will help.. Would you like to share yours. Parenting yes that is there too! Teens, preteens, even older children too. Are you a single parent check it out stories are good to share for making you feel better. If you don't want to share, but just to read and that helps. Then perhaps you will gain more courage in what lies ahead for you. Have you gone to Meet the WOW's folders? Drop in say hello. They love company be sure and bring chocolates That is always a plus. Check out the chat rooms,Meet new friends or reaquaint with old ones that is so much fun. Something I discovered should have known, on the Creativity folders try and follow the songs titles it is fun. hmmmmm sometimes I have to cheat and check out the search engine for I don't recall who the artist was/is rofl. shhhhhh now don't tell on me.
Go on check out the folders. STOP do your writing for 10min first
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