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I guess this is where I would have to put this.......Well I would say the pet peeve I have is someone not staying true to themselves! That they do everything and anything to please everyone else but somewhere along the line forgot themselves....then have the audacity to complain about it......Like that is going to change things.....I dont think so...LOL Yet If you have to sometimes bend then you aren't being untrue to yourself you are just allowing room for you to grow and recognize that sometimes another's way would work better yet you wouldn't know cause you would be made of stone instead of plastic.....The best part of living is the learning we all do.....Sometimes we have to repeat things til we understand it....Not have someone come and do it for us......We all are unique in the way we are which makes us more likable to others cause maybe they need someone exactly like us to help them grow or to encourage an different viewpoint ....... Remember as long as you are growing that is good.....Staying in one spot not doing nothing is bad......Have a great day!
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