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Bullies In Our Childrens Schools

A place for concerned parents.

Hello everyone!

As most of you know my son Caleb has been a victum of bullying for 2 months now. My son would come home from school with soda dumped on him and bruises. The worst being cuts and gashes. I have made several complaints to the school and nothing had been done.
He came home from school 2 days ago crying the boys were choking him and kicking him that day. He has bruises on his neck and legs from this. I again went to the school and was told nothing could be done unless the boys were seen by a teacher doing this. And they would contact the parents of the two boys and let them know what has been going on.

That night I was contacted by one of the boy`s mother. She ws very concerned as I am about this. And wanting to know why the school had not acted to stop this. Then she told me of a letter her son wrote to the other little boy.
It stated (can`t put the exact words due to WOW forum rules)

" Hi partner (I will not tell you their names) we are going to kill Caleb, we are going to beat his @ss and bury him in the playground. we are going to fix that _itch."

At the bottom of the letter there was a picture. A picture of a child holding a gun to another childs head. And aboive that child was my sons name.

I was terrified!
The cops were called and reports were filed. We (the parents) were told to meet at the court house today.

We met there and discussed the matter for 3 hours. The one little boy had to turn the letter over to the police. To hear an 11 year old say, he drew the picture because your son said shh to him, is petty and uncalled for. Then one of the officers asked him what he intended to do. And the boy said kill Caleb!
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