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An END to this!

An END to this!

Both boys were arrested today for assault, intimadation, threaten-ing a fellow student. And because of the letter one of the boys is being charged with plotting a shooting (or causeing significant bodly harm) on a fellow student and or school. The teacher who let this happen was repromanded and suspended a week with no pay. The boys will also recieve 3 weeks suspension from the school, and a mandatory 5 days of councling.

It is still hard to digest the fact that a 10 and an 11 year old was thinking of doing this! And that the teacher was aware of this and yet it was still happending!

We are still waiting for our lawyer to call now to inform us whether or not he advises to file in civil court on both boys and the school.

We are still in the pending period with the school board as to whether or not a hearing is possible towards the school!

As a parent, I can only hope I have done the right thing in this matter.

And pray I have stopped something terrible from happening!

We are not sure nor are we promised this will stop. We may have prevented one thing, but could it lead to another?

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