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(((((((( Liam )))))))))))

I know how you are feeling. When this child`s mother called me last night and told me of this letter, my heart fell to the floor. I was scared, I was confused, I was pissed!

I was afraid to let my son walk to my car without me by his side this morning! I can`t imagine how his mother feels.

Most people do not know that there is a bully in EVERY classroom. Whether it be a public school or a private school.

You all the time hear from your child`s school about parent involvment with their child and their schooling. I am very into my sons schooling. His education is my #1 goal.

And to sit here and know that that I tried for 2 months to get this school to take action against these children. It would not have gone this far, if the school had done something when I spoke up 2 months ago, when my son went to the teacher the first time one of them hit him!

Teachers are hired to teach our children subjects. They are hired to teach our children values. They are hired to "protect" our children when we are not around.
Not sit there and let this happen!

I recieved a call from my lawyer a little bit ago. We have the go ahead to press neglagence charges on the school, after the courts are done with the two boys.

We can only hope that bullies and school teachers ect, will get the hint that this will NOT be tolerated NOW or EVER.

Neglagence is neglagence. There is no other word to describe it!

Happy Holidays!
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