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Hiya Cinderellen and Liam!

In my opinion I do agree to that article, Liam! But at the same time I disagree.

I think that most of the violence does start at home, but not always with video games!

Alot of children see one child hit another child, and they in return do the same thing.

As stated in the first site you posted Liam, parents do need to be aware of their childs doing. Sit and talk with them, enforce it is ok to come too them for any reason! Some parents send there children to school to get raised.
And unfortunatly I found out one of the children involved here father is in prisn serving 20 years for drug distrabution. (Selling drugs)

I don`t let my son play video games period! Even tho Super Mario was rated "kid safe" it still has some violence in it. Like Mario shooting Weegie ect...
I do not let my son watch violent movies. Just for the fact they ARE violent!

I wonder if some bullies act out because of the way they are treated at home?

And this may sound akward to most.

But when the officers put the cuffs on the one little boy who drew the picture, he was crying and trembaling severe. I just wanted to grab him.. I wanted to hug him and accept his apology!
But at the same time I was angry with him for putting my child through this! You see what I am saying?

I am the type of person who hates to see a child cry, no matter what he/she has done! And too see him cry, it made me cry more, because I did want to hug him. That is probably soemthing he has not had in some time!

So yes, I say it does come from home. And to an extent from video games!

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