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I think the oldest boy was more affected by the meeting. It made him realize how much what he has done has affected Caleb and the threats were illegal! He has remorse. He was sorry. You can tell by the actions of people who aer sorry and ones who are not sorry. I think Caleb and him will become friends when all this is over and done. As fr the other boy, well him and his mom was like oh well. That made me feel as if she did not care what her son does, I just hope that during the hearings she will realize the extent of the damages her son has done.

We are hopening that this will also teach these boys and others a lesson in life Cin, we hope they will know that when you do something wrong there are always going to be punishment in the end.

Caleb says thank you for the support and he sends hugs!!

(((((( Everyone ))))))))
Happy Holidays!
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