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(((((( CAB ))))))) you have an angel in Heaven along with with your mom.

((((( Appletreewoman )))))) when I was a kid I had a recurring dream of falling into an endless place there were doors on the side.. I somehow knew If I went though the door I would die.Waking up from that dream my body would feel rigid for a few minutes. Thank God have not had that dream in years.

What scares me some of my dreams are things that will happen. For instance, when my oldest daughter was a sophomore in high school I dreamt she got hit by a car. Choosing not to tell her about the dream the next AM... That day she got hit by a car on the way home from school. My other two children and I were at their dentist in another city at the time. What a shock when I arrived home. The hospital had released her without me being there, Called the dr as soon as I could. She had a pinched nerve, fractured ankle, a lot of bruising. But otherwise ok
Perhaps if I had told her about the dream it wouldn't have happened. Who knows!!!

Sometimes think that dreams are for reasons.. some have purposes. Have you ever wondered about that????
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