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Ok, I'll take one<g>

As I walked into the darkened room, I sensed that something was different.
I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it was there, waiting for me. I couldn't shake the feeling that whatever it was, it would cause me pain. I didn't want any more pain. The fight last night was just too much for me to handle in my delicate condition. Arguing over the simplest of things like a burnt dinner always made me feel incompetant. So why was I up at 3 in the morning getting a glass of water? I was already ready feeling like the Titanic, 8 months pregnant and bloated from fluid retention. Yet, here I am, in the kitchen, glass in hand, drinking water to quench my thirst and feeling a sense of doom. Far be it for me to wonder why I always get these feeling after an argument. Maybe it was my active imagination going into overtime, like the time I wondered why we were going hunting when I had never held a shotgun before. Doom, that's what I felt. A never ending wondering of what's going to happen next. I drain my glass, put it in the sink and turn to walk out of the darkened kitchen when I walk right into it. My right foot goes right into the side of a watermelon left on the kitchen floor as a peace offering. There were a few choice words to accompany the throbing in my toes.
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