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WoooooHoooo Liam!!!

I really don`t favor any other drivers sept Jeff Jimmy Johnson (48 car) and Mark Martin (6 car) right?

Mark had it tough! I don`t think it was fair to dock him 25 points when everyone else was fined moneys. Then they denied his apeal! IMHO he could have won it, if he was not docked!

Next year Mark errr Jeff err Jimmy!

As for Tony, I have nothing against that man, but there is just something about him I don`t like! Same as Jeff Burton ad Kurt Busch! Now that Joe Nemechek has a cute butt

The Target driver (41) This was his last race with that car owner. Not sure if he will have a team to race for next year Hell of a thing to find out it is your last race with the team you have been with for 5 years, then your car gets loose and you wreck it bad on your last race! He will find another team!

OK I am off to bed! Caleb said he is not walking to school in the morning. Said it was going to be too cold! ahahahaa it will be 22 out! That aint cold. And besides we live a whoping 6 houses from the school. LOL

((((( All ))))))

p.s It SNOWED here today!
I feel sorry for the people in Conn. All that ice and no power!! I sure hope they are warm!
Happy Holidays!
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