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Ah, I finally made it here, lol! For those of you who know me, you know I've been in school for forever; it's been three years. The good news is that next Fall, I will graduate.

I won't deny that school has it's ups and downs. It's also pretty frightening to know that the family I live with doesn't support me.

In some ways, I think it's harder going back to school after being out of high school (or any school for a period of time) because once you've left something, it's easier to put it off.

I went back at 30, and yes, there's been times when I've been older than my professor. I've had my moments of tears, my moments when I've been proud of my accomplishments, and my moments when I count down the amount of classes to gradution. (Not that many more!)

I support anybody who makes that decision to go back. In the long run, I think it is worth it. I went in believing I couldn't do it, but through my sisters here and the many friends I have, I was able to build a support network. For me, that was a lifesaver. Funny, as negative as I was about my abilities, it was counteracted by the positive things people had to tell me.

Yes, the books can be expensive. I needed five novels for a class I'm currently taking. The books are heavy, it's cold and rainy out and going from one building to the next is a pain, especially for those who have a more difficult time getting around.

Like all students, even though I am an adult, I look forward to blizzards, lol. I don't mind those days when there isn't any school because of weather. ROFL, I don't think that changes at ANY age!

Now I am considering the GRE. I never considered grad school before, and oddly enough, a professor at school sat me down and asked me point blank what I was going to do after graduation. I didn't have an answer for her.

I've found mentors at school and that helps. I really look up to a few professors, so they are the ones I go to whenever I am losing confidence. Sadly, the budget has been cut so bad that we have lost several excellent professors.

We are losing another one in the spring, and this not only hurts the students, but the professors are also hurt.

IMO, teachers do not get paid what their worth. Yes, it's wonderful to be an English major, a doctor, a nurse, a contractor, or a photographer, but you know, we couldn't be those things if it wasn't for the professors.

True, some of them are enough to make you wonder why you're in school, but there are far more who make learning a fun experience.

Okay, I've written enough now, haven't I?
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