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Talking Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you (((((appletreewoman)))) for that Hug! It sure made this WOW smile! ((((((NanaWOW))))) I will cherish that Blessing, not only for what its intended for but for who shared it with me! ((((((((PeasWOW)))))) You do realize that you are the Sweetie! I just hope that all of you realize as the World turns into the sleep/hibernation period That this is a time for reflection and introspection for what was and what will be in the future. A time of renewing ourselves.....not only physically and mentally but spiritually.....Your body is a Hollow bone.....Now its' time to replenish it with the Creator's Love, so we may have patience, understanding, and compassion for everyone! Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to give Thanks to the Creator for everything....not just the good things but the bad as well. For without the negative things happening, we would not be able to see more clearly of ourselves and those things around us that influence us! The main thing to remember of the bad times is to learn from them and go forward.....Don't get caught in a rut! This my friends and loved ones I share with you! For you have shared your love and blessings with me. Thank you! Aho!
Remember to have a great day!
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