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If you see nothing else this year, do not miss <B><I>Bowling For Columbine</B></I>!!!

This film was the most amazing piece of work I have ever seen. Filmmaker Michael Moore has done a phenomenal job. This documentary explores the reasons behind the violence in America and what you learn will blow you away, no pun intended.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will cringe, you will smack your hand to your forehead. Democrat, Republican, Left Wing, Right Wing, Religious, Heathen, Peacenik, NRA card carrying member, this film is for everyone!

More importantly, when you leave the film you will want to discuss and debate. It opens your mind, it shakes the cobwebs off the gray matter and it does so in a most entertaining way.

This documentary is truly a piece of art. It should be required viewing for everyone from high school on up. Michael Moore is quite simply, brilliant. I am in awe.
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