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Tis the Season

(~(~(~( SnowWymnElf JingleJangle Razberrie_Tart WolfieOne)~)~)~) Oh my goodness! Look its' Razberrie_Tart back again....Hi how have you been dear? Sure have missed you! ......JingleJangle so good of you to remind me, come in and relax..... SnowWymnElf how did you know that I was harmonizing my throat? Thank goodness it doesn't sound like the frog that is sleeping in the frozen river......WolfieOne, you dance so good! By the way, I just can't imagine you being a spammer! LOL You are such an Roomie! ........Now there are special seats that you can sit down on without freezing to the ground.....Plus there is some hot cocoa and Christmas Cookies so help yourselves. Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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