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I don't know how it evolved, but Mondays are my "weigh days". I just knew when I stepped on the scale this morning, it was not going to be nice since I had a really bad cheat week last week. But....

-2 pounds! WooHooo... that's 19 so far I was so excited I was glowing all day!

I won't mention breakfast:-( but for lunch I paid a visit to the pasta lady...I had fruit with cheese wedges and *gasp* bread... that's my downfall. For dinner I found a really nice chargrilled chicken wrap that had lettuce, tomato and a bit of cheese in was simply delicious and everything on it(not counting the cheese) was on my diet, along with the fatfree dijon honey mustard dressing to put on it.

Anyone else notice how something can be fatfree, cholesterol free and have tons of sodium or sugar, or just the opposite? I'm having a hard time finding stuff that has just the right amount of what I need or don't need. It's been an experience for sure.
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