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Terri, Leo is also wonderful in "Catch Me if You Can." Perfectly cast, he did a great job, as did everyone else. If you want to see a light and throughly enjoyable movie, that's the one. You walk out of the theater with a smile on your face. It was really a fun time. Of course, as the mother of a 15 year old, I'm required to see everything Leo.... er, Over and over and over again.<g> You know, way back when he was nominated as best supporting actor in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." I think he's always been a fine actor who has made some poor choices along the way.

Thanks for the tip on "Analyze That." I enjoyed "Analyze This" as a rental, but stayed away from "That" when I heard what the critics had to say. I don't always listen to critics, but everyone seemed to be saying the same thing and it wasn't good. Sounds like it will be a decent rental when it's released on DVD.

{{{Lou}}} I think Chicago is a must see. They just did such a great, great job! People couldn't help but clap at the end of dance numbers. The entire audience, young and old, male and female, were haviing a great time. Plus, the direction and editing are just amazing. The choreographer also directed and did a fantastic job. It's hard to explain other than to say, just see it!

I liked "Frida" too. Part of the reason I went to see it was because it was such a labor of love for Salma Hayek. The story of how it got made was an inspiration but then it also turned out to be a really great film. Sort of like a Hollywood ending.
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