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There's another part of the film though, one that I see as full of hope. My 14 year old, scared-of-everything, daughter saw the movie. Some of her classmates also saw it. There are a lot of teens today that are scared of everything around them, and anything different.

The outrage that these kids are taking away from the movie, outrage towards the crimes that the media has perpetrated upon them, is wonderful to see.

My daughter said that the kids from her school who saw it believe that it should be mandatory viewing for all high school students. These kids have all watched South Park. But none of them knew that those guys grew up in Littleton. These kids all know who Marilyn Manson is. To have viewed an interview with an incredibly bright and articulate "freak" made them much more aware of how they either shun, or are just plain frightened of those who are different.

My daughter has made quite a few changes since seeing the movie. She no longer takes those sensational between TV shows news blurbs seriously. When flipping channels she won't let the station rest on "Cops" for even a second.

In short, she walked out of the theater with a sense of certain things that she can modify. That gave her such a sense of power over her own world. It gave her a feeling of control in some situations.

That one film was worth a few thousand in therapy bills for her. ;-)
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