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<font size=+3font color="FF33FF">ROFL</font> I've become a place for cakes 'n' jokes - how lovely! We'll set up a lil notice board on the wall ----> just over here, for all your cracking jokes

So, ((((((((((Everyone)))))))))))) you are all so special, thanks for calling

Life is good with me, tho' a lil hectic. I've got a week now (well less actually) to do one heck of a lot of things, before I leave for the States.

However ... you know me .... I can barely wait!

<font size=+3>((*((*((Pino))*))*))</font> Not long now, honeypie.

And hey everyone <whisper> it'll be her birthday on Sunday, but don't tell her I told you, okay?
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