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She sat in the car. Tarffic was busy just like yesterday and the day before. She always hadto leave her house 15 mintunes earliy. The only good thing was the radio. The heat and a/c had gon on the car a year ago. It still ran , but she froze in the winter and fryed in the summer. She was listion to her favrote staion, KBLM109. They just anounced a contest , guess the song and win $200.You needed to be the fourth caller to win. Good thing I brought my cellphone she thought. She sighed she never won anything. Why should a stupid radio contest be any differnt. They started the tune. Oh my, she knew this one. It was on the tip of her tounge. It was the same tune she had danced to at her prom. Dear god what wasthe name of the song. Her hand dailed the number without her relizing it. " Hello, your our fourth caller. Can you name the song for us." said the deejay. " um yes , its I want to dance with somebody." she said. " Thats absolutly right!" saiad the deejay. "Please stay on the line so you can claim your prize."
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