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Weighed and measured yesterday. no loss, but on the bright side no gain either. Hip is feeling better but the load of ibuprophen is high and irritates my stomach. Drinking water is helping my want to over eat...

Have found a hobby to keep my hands even more busy. Gemstone hunting...
good one I don't leave the house.. haha. but as I get more interested and reading more the more I think about leaving the house for short walks. Oh, I do have some example stones to study. Even bought a dremel tool to do a few craft items. Ok maybe this belongs in hobbies. lol

Oh yes, the calorie,
fat, sugar, carb, and protein dilemma. Unfortunately, there isn't the perfect
food. Thats why I think if you find a healthy
way to lose weight stick to it even if it takes longer then the "fad" ones. Then it also becomes a way of life.
Sheesh I do go on...
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