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I own a kitten and my hubby has a cat. He got his from his sister, she was moving and needed a place for him for awhile. well its been six mnths and we still have him. lol Hubby says he will keep him. Then there is my kitten. She thinks she is a princess. She acts so refined. She will snub you sometimes when you alk to her. My 3 year old son named her choclate, because of her color. Oh she will play but only if she wants to. I have owned cats all my life. But Princess Choclate is the frist kitten that I have owned that is this lazy. All the other ones I have owned have been rambuncious. She is also the only cat with this much aditude at such an earily age that I have come across. lol You should see the looks she gives my 18 month old daughter. My daughter calls her and the kitten looks at like if to say " What planet do you come for agian? If you think I am coming to you, you've got to be crazy. " Then again kitten proubly sees that my daughter will sit on my hubbys kitty, so maybe she knows what she is saying.
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