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Candy Roses

How to make a Candy Rose

Materials needed:

Two Hershey's Kisses
25 inches of floral tape
Red cellophane wrap
Artificial stem

Hold the two Kisses flat sides together.
Smoothly and tightly wrap the pieces of cellophane over the tip of
one of the kisses and down the other kiss. Twist the excess
cellophane before the tip of the second kiss.
Lay the stem on top of the excess cellophane and hold snugly.
Start wrapping the floral tape around the stem and cellophane
just beneath the kisses, inserting the artificial leaf near
the top of the stem. Continue wrapping the tape down the stem,
overlapping it and pulling it tight until you reach the bottom.
tear off excess tape.
Tie a bow from the ribbon just beneath the leaf.

Now GertieWOW had some other ideas for this one but I can't seem to find them. Maybe GertieWOW can post them! ? Have a great day!
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