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You're not alone Gertie. I do love that movie, it's on my ever growing list of favorites. But, you certainly aren't the first person that I've heard say they really weren't sure what to make of it.

I watched the Jennifer Aniston commentary on the DVD. She said that she was asked by someone what the movie was. They said, it's too comedic to be a tragedy and too tragic to be a comedy. What is it? She said her only answer was, it's just life.

I thought that was a very apt description. Incredibly dysfunctional and slightly bizarre, but life just the same.

Also, the "bible study" guy, played by Mike White, is the one who wrote it. They shot the movie very quickly in something like 33 days. Just some bits of trivia in case you're ever on Jeopardy. <g>

Igby Goes Down is coming out on disc Tuesday. I love Igby. More dysfunction with incredible, phenomenal acting.
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