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Do you have any reaction to being referred to as a "female" rather than a "woman"

This is an informal poll, I guess. I'm curious if there's any discussion regarding the question, "Do you have any feelings, reactions, or opinions regarding being called a 'female' rather than a 'woman'?"

I was just about to sign up for a spiritual retreat (with a group which I had only attended one of their meetings) when I read in their materials a sentence that went something like "Single men will room with men, single females with females."

This reference to men as men, and women as females appeared yet a second time in the literature, so it seemed to accrue an energy of intention about it. It made me uneasy. I recalled a French teacher, who, years ago, had a sort of speech about "only the Americans refer to their women with the livestock terminology 'female'. Women are NOT ANIMALS!"

I found myself agreeing with her, & have noted over the years that places/people who refer to women as 'female' often have a covert or overt prejudice or even disrespect for women. This seems even more evident when men are men, but women are females.

I'm MOST CURIOUS to get some feedback on this. Does anyone agree with me? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

Thanks for your input!
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