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Don't forget the other all-inclusives, "y'all" and "all y'all"

Lou, I think the recent interest in making classic books into movies has reinforced the attitude that being a "lady" is something to be avoided, don't you? I myself would hate to live in a world where a female was not allowed to spit, cuss, or enter a saloon. Although my mother did try to insist all her daughters would be LADIES when we grew up... somehow I managed to avoid that.

I went from being a "girl" in high school to being a "female" in the Army. There never was time for me to think of myself as a "woman," although I definitely prefer that term to "lady." Now that I live in the south I hear that a LOT, lol! But "female" and "male" have become permanently fixed in my brain, and to me they're just two more everyday words. I will refer to service members as female or male, but everyone else as women, gals, or guys, depending on my mood...... don't ask me what I call guys when I'm in a bad mood. <g>
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