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I think sometime intuition can "use" your dreams to get through to you if you're not listening otherwise.

Monday night I had one of those crazy dreams where everything keeps changing.. like it's a whole bunch of random scenes put together with even less sense than a "normal" dream. The one part that stuck with me really firmly was taking my daughter to a doctor, a normal seeming doctor in a very weird setting. More like a classroom than an office. Anyway, this doctor told us that Kendra was sick because she was not getting the love she needed. She gave us a powder to add tiny amounts of to her food, told us NOT to give her anything with echinacea in it, and pointed to a spot on her chest where we were supposed to put an acupuncture needle twice a day.

Kendra was scheduled (in waking life) for a chiropractor/integrated medicine session where they were planning to work on neuro-emotional issues. I told my husband (who was taking her) about the dream and to have the therapist look at issues of scarcity. Sure enough, without either the doctor or Kendra having received any prompting, an issue about not feeling loved came up and where it was stored in the body was the bronchials (she has asthma) and the "reflex" point for that is right where I saw the doctor touch in the dream.

Just in case, I am not giving her any echinacea either, though we often do to avoid infections when her lungs are not working well..!
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