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Hi Y'all!

Delightful, energetic responses... I've been away from my computer since posting the query, & am most pleased to see that this subject stirs up interest... a couple of the responses made me chuckle, and THAT?S always a good thing!

Melynn, thanks for your serious approach, & checking the dictionary. My unabridged Random House has some interesting additions:
?Woman, Female, Lady - nouns referring to adult human beings who are biologically female.
WOMAN is the general term. Neutral, lacking either favorable or unfavorable implication, most commonly used of the three.
In scientific & statistical use, FEMALE is the neutral contrastive term to MALE, & may apply to plant & animal use.
FEMALE is sometimes used in disparaging context: a conniving female.
LADY is a term of approval. However, WOMAN is the designation preferred by most modern female adults. The use of LADY as a term of courtesy has diminished. LADY is used, but decreasingly, as a term of reference for women engaged in occupations considered by some to be menial or routine, cleaning lady.
WOMAN is the standard parallel to MAN.? (end of Unabridged Dictionary quote)

In response to your suggestion, Melynn, that I point out my observation to the group, I DID, first thing, write the following:

?I was contemplating signing up for the Gathering, when I was made most ill-at-ease with the reference - repeatedly! to men as men, but women as "females". If men are men, then women are women.

?Please appreciate that other women feel this way to being referred to as females rather than women, and most certainly in the same sentence where men are not being referred to as males, but as men. It does not seem to communicate an evolved spiritual message.?

Ignoring my POINT (that men are called men but women are called females in his documentation) he replied:

?I see absolutely nothing wrong with the term female. I see no preference in the word women over female. Also, we are probably the most pro-female energy Christian oriented church in the world. Your criticism of the word "female" is the first such criticism in the 20 years I have been doing this work, so I don't think that word is an issue for others. Again, I just dont agree that there is anything at all wrong with the word ?female?.?

I found his reply a bit thick in disregarding my specific query about the parallel usage, & also a bit strident. That?s why I came to the web to ask other people for their input, if any. (I would certainly hope that anyone who sets him or herself up as a spiritual guru would be open to learning & to new information, whether 20 or 100 years!)

I?d like to ask that the thread get back on topic... & so I ask again about how it ?feels? or what it ?seems to convey? to read a sentence that refers to men as men, & women as females.
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