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Isn't this a perception thing? There is always the difference between what the sayer meant, and what the listener heard! I haven't personally been upset by what you're discussing, but have been offended by other adjectives. So I can relate to the distress caused.
Those that think political correctness is rubbish really mean that they are not interested enough to consider how their words are received. It's a lazy attitude. I like to know that what I say is understood. If it is mis-interputed, then I have failed. Woman is an accepted, clear definition. Female can be either a normal adjective, or a belittlement. But the meaning is for the user to make clear. Otherwise, accept that they cannot articulate themselves and move on. Or if you can turn it into a laugh, all the better
The man's reply to Blythe was dumb! He knew that he had caused offence and should have admitted it. Instead, he compounded it by dismissing her concern as unimportant because he had not received sufficient similar complaints. He is obvoiusly not a salesmale!!
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