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wo-man fe-male what's the difference?

woman: an adult female human being

female: designating or of the sex that bear offspring; having a hollow part for inserting an inserted part; a female, person, animal or plant.

So I suppose the proper term when referring to a human adult would preferably be woman.

In answer to the question "What does it feel like when men are referred to as men and women as females?" I think it dehumanizes women, puts them in the same category with animals and plants. In other words it takes away our abilities to make choices and be reasoning. This is the fight for social status that has always faced the sisters of the human race. Of course in the military being referred to as male or female is meant to do the same thing to both sexes, and that is to remove your social status altogether and make you government issue, not a bad thing when strict discipline is needed among groups. Teachers do the same thing when calling students boys and girls. In the adult world of men and women, being called a man evokes a sense that there is a living breathing, in control human being involved, but using the term female toward a woman takes away her human standing and individuality (plant, animal scenario or indeed the object as a female electrical outlet just lusting for that plug to make its connection!) I could digress here - normative males, language and thought, decoding, yadayadayada... but I will leave it at this.... I think it is pejorative to use the term female when referring to a woman.
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