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Oh! Thanks for the info. on the dremel Terri! I thought I would start on a soft wood first to just learn about roughing it out and handling of the tool. Eventually,I would like to move on to rose quartz and other stones. I do know how to use basic hand tools but power tools do scare Even sewing machines. Yes, I have seen at auctions, dremel bits alot cheaper than from the dealer. Especially the diamond dusted tips.

I would love to see what you are working on. Did you take a before picture of the piece of cedar and your work in progress. I do love the way nature already forms its own art. So forcing something into what you want it to be doesn't work for me. Maybe that's why power tools scare me they seem to force things. So, looking for the right piece of wood or stone is part of it for me. Guess it's a Zen thing... lol.
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